Group Conversational (4-6 students)- B1: Intermediate (1 Month Subscription 40€)


  • Emphasis on practicing speaking and listening, role play, biggest part of the class conducted in Greek
  • Vocabulary: expansion of vocabulary, e.g travelling, weather, family members, descriptions and emphasis on narrating past events and future actions
  • Grammar: review of A level grammar and introduction to new grammar like past tense, comparative & superlative, conditionals, genitive case, imperative, diminutives
Bring a friend and get 25% discount
Double Lessons have 20% discount


Do you prefer a lesson that would focus exclusively on speaking? Do you get easily bored when you follow a book and focus on grammar and theory? Is speaking with your relatives or when you come to Greece your main goal? Then “conversational courses” is the optimal category for you.

Why take a conversational course?

• Language immersion from first thing in the morning to last thing at night
• Live, study and explore the destination with an authentic guide to local culture
• Practice your knowledge by speaking with your coach
• By speaking you will be able to understand the language in depth

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