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We teach you Greek with the most fun, communicative and effective methods, in our interactive virtual classrooms. Our classes are student-centered and adapted to each learner’s needs. Our highly qualified teachers are eager and always prepared to provide diverse learning opportunities and particularly for those struggling with Greek. The Greek Academy classrooms are a pleasant environment filled with learners’ conversations, opinions exchange and laugh while they enjoy a great variety of educational activities in Greek.

The Greek Academy is an innovative greek language school that can give you the opportunity to interact with other Greek learners from all around the world. We can guarantee that learning Greek will be an amazing experience for you!

Tutorial description

  • Have you always admired Greek culture and would like to know more about it and immerse in it?
  • Do you already know some Greek but want to improve it or refresh your knowledge?
  • Are you a student of Modern Greek and need assistance with your studies?
  • Do you often go for vacation in Greece and would like to know the everyday useful language?
  • Did you just move to Greece and need to get a Certification?
  • Do you have relatives or friends in Greece and want to be able to communicate with them?
  • Are you simply interested in learning Greek?
√ Then you are just in the right place!

Our services

  • Placement test. We help you assess your level in Greek and then plan the ideal lesson according to it.
  • Discussion and setting of your goals (probably in case you would like to focus only on one skill e.g. speaking)
  • We show you samples of our lesson, so you can decide the number of hours you would like to attend.
  • All of our teachers are native speakers of Greek Language that hold an official Philology degree.
  • Teaching with the use of certified books for Greek language (published from Greek Language Center)
  • We cover all language skills (reading, speaking, writing, listening) through various texts, exercises, audiovisual material
  • We also offer lessons of Ancient Greek Language and Latin. Back to the roots!
If that sounds appealing to you, then grab your phone, send us a message and we will arrange our first lesson right away!
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