GCSE Preparation – B2: Upper Intermediate (1 Month Subscription 230€)


  • Securing and expanding the previously acquired knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, classes are conducted only in Greek
  • Vocabulary: reading texts, listening exercises, role plays, interviews, songs, conversations and debates on a variety of topics
  • Grammar: more advanced topics like reflexive verbs, the rest of the verb tenses, introduction to passive voice
  • Classes are conducted in Greek
Bring a friend and get 25% discount
Double Lessons have 20% discount


An official language certificate is a key asset. Its advantages include standing out from the crowd in a sea of job applicants, enabling you to get a fulfilling job at an international company or being able to opt out of the language test to enter university abroad. Our ESL partner schools have plenty of experience in preparing students for the exams to obtain official language certificates. Among their course selection, you can choose specific exam preparation courses to give you all the confidence you need on the big day.

Why take an exam preparation course?

• An official language certificate is a passport to your future – it can help you stand out in the working world job/labour market and improve your career opportunities in an international environment or enter a foreign university.
• Combining language immersion with high-quality exam practice and training is a fast ticket to success in reaching your objectives
• You’ll study and make friends with other international students who’ll share your same language goals who share the same language goals as you

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