Asynchronous learning – A1: Beginner (12 lessons per month, cost per month)



  • Introduction to the Greek alphabet: pronunciation, reading and writing
  • Vocabulary: basic everyday language like greeting someone, presenting yourself, telling the time, shopping, talking about daily routines, learning the numbers
  • Grammar: verbs in present tense, articles, adjectives, nominative-accusative, singular form, adverbs of frequency, possessive pronouns
Bring a friend and get 25% discount
Double Lessons have 20% discount


Our busy friends have the opportunity to watch recorded classes and discuss their questions with our experienced staff after each lesson. Every lesson covers a grammar theory. Choose between the packages below.

Why take an asynchronous course?

• Language immersion from first thing in the morning to last thing at night (24/7)
• Your busy schedule does not allow you to attend live courses
• You do not afford live lessons
• You want to have the opportunity to pause between the sentences


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